Frank Hasling Pedersen on landscaping, BIM, ARCHICAD and LAND4

Sep 1, 2017

VIDEO: In this interview, Architect, IT and BIM manager Frank Hasling Pedersen from Schønherr, a Danish landscape design firm, presents his thoughts on landscaping, BIM, ARCHICAD and LAND4. Frank’s approach to terrain modelling is very similar to ours. Watch the whole interview above.


“… Sometimes I call it ‘the invisible design’ – the controlling of levels that you can’t really grasp by looking at a physical model itself because a few centimetres can make the whole difference … 3D for us is not like 3D modelling for building architects. We cannot take a building object and say ‘this is a built form’. We have a surface, and we change it.”

Frank Hasling Pedersen

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