LAND4 for use with ARCHICAD®

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Landscape add-on for use with ARCHICAD featuring:

  • A powerful set of spot level configuration tools.
  • Dynamic terrain modelling with the new LANDSurface.
  • Easy import and export of (surveyor) data.

At present, the most recent version of LAND4 works with ARCHICAD® 24, ARCHICAD® 25, ARCHICAD® 26 and ARCHICAD® 27. 
Featured prices include future updates and upgrades. 

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LAND4 is our new landscaping add-on for ARCHICAD®

Developed for landscape architects by landscape architects and made to assist you all the way from the handling of surveyor data to the presentation of your completed project.

In short, this first release of LAND4 for ARCHICAD offers you:

  • A powerful set of spot level configuration tools.
    • Basic, automated spot level configuration
    • Fall lines
    • Interpolation between two spot levels
    • Interpolation between three spot levels
    • Gradient interpolation
    • Constant gradient interpolation
  • Dynamic terrain modelling with LANDSurfaces
    • Creation of dynamic LANDSurface from spot levels
    • Ridge lines
    • Creation of holes
    • Automated creation of contour lines
    • Shortcut to fast volumetric calculations
  • Easy export and import of (surveyor) data
    • Export of spot level data to CSV
    • Import of spot level data from CSV, TXT or XYZ

At present LAND4 works with ARCHICAD® 23, ARCHICAD® 24, ARCHICAD® 25 and ARCHICAD® 26. 

The shown prices include future updates and upgrades. 

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