Official release of LAND4 (v2) for ARCHICAD

Jul 9, 2021


Official release of upgraded LAND4 for use with ARCHICAD®


Available for download now

The new, optimized and upgraded version of our landscaping add-on for use with ARCHICAD, LAND4 (v2), has been officially released and can now be downloaded here >>

Enhanced control of terrain models

LAND4 (v2) holds both improved and new features making it e.g. much easier to control information contained in terrain models (new Category functionality) and design and work with organic shapes. It introduces Volumetrics and features Imperial as well as Metric Units. A complete list of improvements and new features can be viewed here >>

LAND4 Knowledge base

At, you can find our new LAND4 knowledge base holding articles, video tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions. Content will be added continually.

Questions? Please let us know!

Should you have any questions regarding the release of LAND4 (v2) for ARCHICAD, or run into bugs or other issues working with the new version, please let us know at