New version of LAND4 for ARCHICAD

Sep 13, 2023


New, Upgraded Version of LAND4 for use with ARCHICAD® 

Ready for download and available for ARCHICAD® 27!

Enhanced Data Sharing

As a user of LAND4 for ARCHICAD, you can now share project data directly with users of other software applications supporting LandXML files, such as Civil 3D, MicroStation, 12d, and many others. LandXML files can include 3D points, 3D lines, and faces (TIN models). Once imported into ARCHICAD, the model will be transformed into a LANDSurface, 3D points will become Spot Levels, and 3D lines will be converted into LAND4 Ridge Lines.

ARCHICAD projects can also be exported to LandXML files with a few clicks. The export will be based on visible layers and selected elements. 

Easy Repositioning of Objects on 3D Terrain with new Drape Function

Also new is the Drape function, which can be a valuable tool in many situations. Essentially, it allows you to move objects and lines onto a chosen terrain, making sure they conform to the 3D landscape, even if the terrain is modified. The feature comes in handy right from the start when you’re sketching. You can easily place items like trees or urban furniture on a LANDSurface, and they will adjust smoothly to surface changes.

LAND4 Knowledge base

At, you can find our LAND4 knowledge base holding articles, video tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions. .

Questions? Please let us know!

Should you have any questions regarding LAND4, or run into bugs or other issues working with the new version, please let us know at