New Release Introducing LAND4 Composites

May 12, 2022


New, improved LAND4 for use with ARCHICAD® takes a big step toward efficiently working with BIM in landscaping.


NEW! Terrain Composites

In short, the introduction of LAND4 Composites enables users to assign different Building Materials constituting a Composite to a terrain surface (LANDSurface).

Schedules and volume data

Schedules holding volume data can then be formed based on:

  • the area of the terrain.
  • the thickness of the Building Materials making up the Composite.

Changes to Composite structure or terrain surface will automatically lead to updated Schedule data.

Export as IFC

LANDSurface incl. Composite build-up can be exported as IFC.

Full list of new features and improvements

A complete list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes in the release can be viewed here  >>

LAND4 Knowledge base

At, you can find our new LAND4 knowledge base holding articles, video tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions.

Questions? Please let us know!

Should you have any questions regarding the release, or run into bugs or other issues working with the new version of LAND4 for ARCHICAD, please let us know at