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Volumetrics in LAND4

Managing finances is a crucial aspect of most landscaping projects. Therefore, keeping track of quantities at every stage of the process is vital. This is where ARCHICAD, being a BIM tool, proves useful – with LAND4 greatly enhancing its capabilities.

Keep track of quantities

In LAND4, you work with two types of quantities: Quantities related to materials, composites and schedules in ARCHICAD and quantities resulting from the differences between New and Existing terrain, also known as Volumetrics.

Compare terrains

Using the LAND4 Volumetrics tool, you can easily compare two terrain models (LANDSurfaces) and calculate different volumetric measurements such as Gross Volume, Fill or Cut Volume, and the amount of material to be added or removed from your site. A third LANDSurface will be created and display the resulting surface – a map showing where and how much excavation and filling is required.

Immediate overview

Finally, a Volumetrics stamp can be created, allowing for an immediate overview of your site. The process is automated and takes only a few seconds to complete.

Volumetrics Surface

A Volumetrics Surface is a resulting surface showing the height or level difference between two LANDSurfaces.


Volumetrics Stamp

The Volumetrics Stamp offers information such as Area ID, Gross Volume, Fill or Cut volume, and the volume to be added or removed from the site. The stamp is easily created with a few clicks and can be placed anywhere on the screen.



A resulting surface can also be shown as CUT and FILL in section view.


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