Exchange of Data

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Landscaping projects

When undertaking landscaping projects, you always have to consider existing conditions, adapt your end project to the surroundings, and collaborate with multiple stakeholders, such as surveyors who provide data on existing conditions, engineers who design technical facilities, contractors who carry out the project, builders, and authorities.

Data exchange

In a setup like this, seamless data exchange between systems is crucial. It enables all parties involved to collaborate, share accurate information and make informed decisions.

Import/export using LAND4

LAND4 offers various options for importing, exporting, and manipulating data in different formats.




It is now possible to import 3D surfaces with textures directly into ARCHICAD using the LandXML format. This file type can include 3D points, 3D lines, and faces (TIN models). Once imported, the model will be transformed into a LANDSurface, the 3D points will become Spot Levels, and the 3D lines will be converted into LAND4 Ridge Lines.



With LAND4, you can import x,y,z-data and see it presented as LAND4 Spot Levels. Just as you can export LAND4 Spot Levels as x,y,z-data for use in other applications.



The SOSI import function in LAND4 allows you to import the Norwegian geospatial vector format into ArchiCAD. A format containing 3D lines as well as points.


Managing data

With the LAND4 Categories function, it is easy to group data. For example, the imported existing conditions can be grouped as such and later compared with future conditions by e.g. soil calculation.


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