Dynamic Terrain Model - LANDSurface

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3D terrain modelling made intuitive and easy

If you want a fast, efficient and intuitive way to model terrain in ARCHICAD, LAND4 is your best option. With tools specifically designed for landscape architects, it will help you concretize and convey your ideas from initial sketches to final project delivery.

From data file to 3D model in just a few clicks

With LAND4, existing terrain data can be directly imported as Spot Levels, which in turn are easily converted to our 3D terrain model, the LANDSurface.

Once you have created your LANDSurface, the Contour Line tool allows for quick design of soft shapes, just as the Ridge Line and Spot Level tools can be used to control your surface and accurately add fixed reference points, such as building footprints, to the model

Dynamic Terrain Composites

The LANDSurface is built upon the 2D ARCHICAD Fill Tool, to which a new feature has been added. This feature enables you to assign an ARCHICAD Composite to a LANDSurface in a single click. The LANDSurface inherits the material structure specified in the Composite definition, and the assigned structure is visible in both 3D and section view.

Furthermore, the individual layers within the assigned structure can be exported as part of an IFC file alongside the remainder of the ARCHICAD model. The materials defined within the Composite are also incorporated into quantity schedules, mirroring the conventional workflow in ARCHICAD.

A solid foundation for quick decision-making

Any changes you make to Contour Lines, Ridge Lines, Spot Levels and Composites are updated in real-time in both 2D and 3D, making it easy to assess the effects of design decisions. This saves you time and allows for quicker decision-making.


A LANDSurface is a dynamic LAND4 Object – a 3D terrain model surface created from Spot Levels, Ridge Lines and Contour Lines.


The LANDSurface is made up of triangles (triangulation) and as a minimum requires three reference points.

Surface Control

You can also control your LANDSurface using Ridge Lines (break Lines). A Ridge Line is a 3D line running between Spot Levels defining a terrain border.

Contour Lines

On a LANDSurface, you can display Contour Lines with height distances of your choice.

Organically Shaped Holes

Using the ARCHICAD Fill Tool, you can create organically shaped holes in your LANDSurface.


The Drape function in LAND4 allows you to connect/drape ARCHICAD objects, Columns, Polylines/Splines, and Spot Levels to a LANDSurface. The height of these objects will be adjusted automatically to match the height of the surface in their respective locations. Any changes made to the surface will be reflected in the objects.

LAND4 Composites

Link information about Building Materials to a LANDSurface by adding LAND4 Composites. Schedules holding volume data can be formed and automatically updated when changes to Composite structure and terrain surface are made. 

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