Fast, flexible and precise terrain modelling.

LAND4 offers enhanced, direct and accurate control of your terrain model in ARCHICAD and saves you a lot of time.


With powerful tools like easy import, dynamic Spot Levels, Fall Lines, Contour Lines, and LANDSurfaces (the LAND4 terrain model), combined with a new Category functionality, LAND4 will help you optimise your workflow right from the import of surveyor data and all the way through to your final project presentation.


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Try LAND4 for use with ARCHICAD for free!
Try LAND4 for ARCHICAD for free!

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Dynamic LANDSurfaces

  • Control the terrain surface with Ridge Lines (break lines). 
  • Link information aboug Building Materials to a LANDSurface by adding LAND4 Composites

LAND4’s dynamic terrain model is called LANDSurface.

XYZ file ready to be imported into LAND4.

Simple and safe import and export of data (XYZ)

  • Turn imported XYZ data into dynamic LAND4 Spot Levels in seconds.
  • Export your own LAND4 XYZ data to CSV in a few clicks.

Order your copy of LAND4 for ARCHICAD® today.

Order your copy of LAND4 for ARCHICAD® today.