LAND4 for ARCHICAD 21 is now available!

Oct 26, 2017

LAND4 for ARCHICAD® 21 has been released. It features speed optimization, easier license unload relevant for users of floating network licenses, plus several other enhancements and bugfixes.

LAND4 for ARCHICAD 21 – Enhancements

1. Speed optimization

Spot level text. Spot level text can now be switched on/off by means of a new button in the LAND4 palette. Turning spot level texts off allows LAND4 to work significantly faster – especially in files featuring many spot levels.

2. Easier to unload license file

Floating Network Licenses. When starting up ARCHICAD, it is now possible to unload your LAND4 license file with just one click – and thereby release the license for other possible users sharing your floating network license. Your version of LAND4 will continue in unlicensed mode until new license file load.

3. Marker rotation

Change in Model View Options for “Spot Level”. Rotation of Spot Level Marker can now be set to “Relative” or “Absolute” – illustrated below.

4. LANDSurface contour line

It is now possible to hide edge contour line in “Object Default Settings” for LANDSurface.

5. MESH base level

When creating an ARCHICAD mesh the base level of the resulting mesh is now set to be one metre below the lowest point of the surface.

LAND4 for ARCHICAD 21 – Bugfixes

  • Fall lines. Fall Line text now as default runs parallel with Fall Lines.
  • Dependency lines. Directions of “Dependency lines” now point towards parent spot levels regardless of the current “Orientation”.
  • Triangulation. Error in triangulation with near points fixed.

Attention Mac users!

Mac users are currently getting an “Unidentified developer” warning when trying open LAND4 for ARCHICHAD®. We are working on fixing this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, LAND4 can be manually opened by following this guide.