Beta relase of new LAND4 version for ARCHICAD

Jan 29, 2021


New improved LAND4 for use with ARCHICAD® ready for test runs


Download Beta release  

The official release of our next, optimized and upgraded LAND4 version (V2) for use with ARCHICAD is just around the corner, and a beta release can now be downloaded from our website.

Organic shapes

The new LAND4 version holds both improved and new features making it much easier to design and work with organic shapes. LANDSurfaces can now e.g. have curved edges, organically shaped holes, and a thickness, just as Ridge Lines can be curved and created from both polylines and splines.


The new version of LAND4 introduces volumetrics. LANDSurfarces can now be automatically subtracted, a resulting LANDSurfaces created and all relevant data displayed in a Volumetrics Stamp.

Recalculations due to changes to a parent LANDSurface are instantly executed when pushing the Recalculate button. Read more here  >>

A complete list of improvements and new features will be published with the official release of LAND4 V2.

Back up existing projects!

If the beta version is used to open projects holding existing LAND4 objects, these will be updated to beta version objects. This process is not reversible. Please use caution and back up existing projects before opening them using the LAND4 beta version. 

Help Center on its way

Please note, we do not provide support on beta software but we are working intensively on a new LAND4 Help Center – a knowledge base holding articles, tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions. Go to Content will be added continually.

Beta Bugs? Please let us know!

Should you run into bugs or other issues trying out the LAND4 beta release, please let us know at

Beta Disclaimer!

The version for download is a beta release of our new LAND4 version, which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. Our beta software is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and may contain bugs or defects.