Landscaping add-on for ARCHICAD®

Now featuring Drape functionality and LandXML import/export

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Landscaping add-on for ARCHICAD®

New Drape functionality and LandXML import/export.

NB! Updated Version – Bugs Fixed

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Enhanced data exchange with LandXML and new Drape functionality

NB! Updated Version – Bugs Fixed

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Flexible and fast terrain modelling is at the heart of LAND4 for ARCHICAD.

Fast, flexible and precise terrain (re)modelling in ARCHICAD®

LAND4 offers a new approach to landscaping in ARCHICAD and introduces dedicated landscaping objects: Spot Levels, Fall Lines, LANDSurfaces and Ridge Lines, as well as LAND4 Composites. All Objects are dynamic and interdependent, which enables fast, flexible and accurate terrain (re)modelling.

Flexible and fast terrain modelling is at the heart of LAND4 for ARCHICAD.

Terrain Composites

The introduction of LAND4 Composites enables users to assign different Building Materials constituting a Composite to a terrain surface (LANDSurface). Schedules holding volume data can then be formed and automatically updated when changes to Composite structure and terrain surface are made.

LAND4 - Model View Settings

Automated Volumetric Calculations

Using the LAND4 Volumetrics tool, it takes only seconds to compare two terrain models (LANDSurfaces) and calculate e.g. Gross Volume, Fill and Cut Volume, and how much to add or remove from the site. Volumetrics stamp can be automatically created and offers instant overview. 

LAND4 - Model View Settings

New: Drape

The new Drape function in LAND4 allows you to connect/drape ARCHICAD objects, Columns, Polylines/Splines, and Spot Levels to a LANDSurface. The height of these objects will be adjusted automatically to match the height of the surface in their respective locations. Any changes made to the surface will be reflected in the objects.

LAND4 import formats are xyz csv and txt.

Exchange of Data

LAND4 provides multiple options to import, export, and manipulate data in different formats. With the recent inclusion of LandXML, users can now also share their project data directly with software applications such as CIVIL 3D, MicroStation and 12d. This promotes seamless collaboration between landscape architects and other landscaping professionals.

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