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New landscaping add-on for ARCHICAD®

Fast, flexible and accurate terrain modelling.
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LAND4 for ARCHICAD 24 is available now!

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Flexible and fast terrain modelling is at the heart of LAND4 for ARCHICAD.

Fast and flexible terrain (re)modelling in ARCHICAD®

LAND4 offers a new approach to landscaping in ARCHICAD and introduces four new landscaping objects: spot levels, fall lines, LANDSurfaces and ridge lines. All are dynamic and interdependent, which enables fast and flexible terrain (re)modelling.
LAND4 import formats are xyz csv and txt.

Easy import of (surveyor) XYZ data

XYZ data from e.g. a surveyor file can be imported directly into LAND4 in a few clicks. Here they are automatically turned into dynamic LAND4 spot levels.  Import formats are XYZ, CSV and TXT. Export of XYZ data is equally easy.
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Fully integrated in the ARCHICAD® user interface

LAND4 is easy and intuitive to use. Menus, palettes and objects are fully integrated int the ARCHICAD user interface, just as you e.g. can use both Fills and Slabs to create holes in a LANDSurface and turn a LANDSurface into a Mesh with one click.
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